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Is the word for "fifth" spelled correctly?

I have noticed that, in the "Numbers" classes, the word for "fifth" is written as "पाँचवा". But I remembered reading, and just checked, R. S. McGregor's books on Hindi ("Outline of Hindi Grammar" and "The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary"), as well as H. H. van Olphen's "First-Year Hindi Course", and they both spell it "पाँचवाँ", with the chandrabindu on the last syllable. Still, Hindi is not my first language, so can anyone verify if it is really misspelled here in Duolingo? This is important, as the "-वाँ" suffix is used to form all ordinals above seven.

March 11, 2020



पाँचवाँ is the more technically correct form. But पाँचवा is used as an alternate spelling and is also the more common pronunciation today (ie, the end of the word is rarely nasalised for ordinals in daily speech).


Native Hindi speakers (like me) generally use पाँचवा and not पाँचवाँ. Hope that helped! :)


Wherever the letters 'th' are append we use वा with it. If it would have been Five then we would call it पाँच in hindi.

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