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  5. "an Arab American woman"

"an Arab American woman"

Translation:اِمْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة عَرَبِيّة

March 12, 2020



Why does the word for woman start with اِ and not إِ? Similarly, why does the second ا only have an أ?


as for your question, you'll have to ask our ancestors *_^

anyway, the first letter ا is very light and it is almost not pronounced, while the أ and إ are strong sounds.


So it doesn't matter whether the American or arab comes first? Or is there a rule to follow?


Easy that is why no one left a comment and lucky me i was the first


There is nothing special about leaving a comment. It would be special to leave a useful comment my friend, a question, an answer, or a piece of advice.


It's very special to leave a comment, it's social interaction. Don't be so condescending.


my friend, I didn't mean to be harsh, but when a user comes and only finds useless comments, then he will leave without searching for an answer for his question. That's not my opinion, it is the the forum rules. And of course no problem with limited jokes.

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