"sùil mhòr"

Translation:a big eye

March 12, 2020



The second half of this sounds nothing like what she's actually saying. Can someone explain what/how she's making that pronunciation? It sounds like "Suil a gord".


I'm hearing the 'vor' that corresponds to mhòr from the older lady speaker. There isn't an a after sùil, it's just a lilt on the end of the l


I think some Gaelic speakers might insert an extra vowel between the two words because with Siùl ending in an L and Mhòr ending in MH, were those to occur inside of the same word they'd get that epenthetic vowel, so they might be doing the same in a between word context


That's exactly right. If she were putting a break between the words then it wouldn't happen; when those sounds come together in natural speech, you get that effect.


Why is an “a” pronounced between “suil” and “mhor”


I heard (soolt) (voert).

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