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  5. "Tha mi ann am baile."

"Tha mi ann am baile."

Translation:I am in a town.

March 12, 2020



Can I just say in town?


Yes. I've done that most of the time I've had these questions and been marked right. It's certainly a much more natural way of saying it in English.


So, how do you say "I am in the town"?


Replace ann with anns.


Since we're using the article 'am', shouldn't it be 'in the town"?


When using "ann an" or "ann am" if you want to say "the" you would turn "ann" into "anns".


This is an example of something that happens quite often: I got Tha mi ann an, but didn't get baile, and the result was that I got "You typed in English not Gaelic". The only way past this annoying phenomenon seems to be to type some nonsense instead of attempting the question!


Why "am" and not "an?"


If you go to the tips section online: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/About-Me2/tips-and-notes you will see an explanation. Being as I have used duo lingo mostly on the phone app, I totally missed these tips for a really long time, but they are so helpful. I'm glad we can access them in the phone browser, and not just on a pc.

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