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Learning english

Is it possible to reverse the course some way, so that my danish students can use it to learn English?

March 12, 2020



Yes there is a way just change the site language to danish and then english should be available for your students to learn.


There are no languages to learn from Danish and there is no Danish interface on Duolingo.




you can take a look at all available courses (including L1 staging, L2 phase beta courses) here:


This site has a good language filter (see the two combo select boxes) to select source/base and target languages.


For some reason the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish, Danish) do not have reverse trees, not yet.


And Duolingo probably won't for some time because each of these would require putting language interfaces for each language to learn from including guidelines, terms, privacy, help sections, and troubleshooting forums plus regular forums among those necessary for the "reverse" courses with these languages as the base learning language which is actually quite an enterprise (not something the volunteer Course Contributors could help with as it also requires software/app/tech/law peeps fluent in these languages), and all would require moderators too.

These are high costs to Duolingo for countries that already have high rates of English (and generally 2nd, 3rd, 4th) language attainment. My Danish BIL could fluently speak English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Icelandic on top of Danish.


Once they have grasped the English basics including formal grammar with your help, they can use the English->Danish tree as an upper-beginner to practice English writing.

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