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Can't wait till there are speaking excercises for Gaelic!!

Correct pronunciation is essential in any language, but particularly in Gaelic--so I'll be thrilled when speaking exercises are available for Scottish Gaelic!!

March 12, 2020



I think only courses with TTS capabilities can do speech exercises, and there's no Gaelic TTS.


Sorry if this is a stupid question--but what's TTS?


Text to speech, computerized voices.


Oh I see. So why doesn't Gaelic have TTS capabilities?


There isn't a TTS (or STT) software available to us. It would need to be developed :)


It's not something that the developers or the contributors would create. It requires complicated programming with lots of training in sound recognition and comparisons. I'm pretty sure the developers have purchased voice-recognition software that they use for the courses that do have speaking exercises. So maybe if some company out there developed Gaelic voice-recognition software, they might be willing to use it. Or it may be that all of their voice-recognition and comparison software is provided by one company and it has to be that specific company that would need to put in the time and effort of developing the needed software. Endangered languages with a smaller interest base are a particular interest of Duolingo, but they may not be profitable enough for the speech-recognition company.


Oh okay. So how do you develope that? I'm just curious. :) It sounds pretty interesting.


I was asking myself the same question but reading the comments I now know that nothing is wrong with my computer ^^

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