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"Aren't you a shop worker now? Yes."

Translation:Nach e neach-bùtha a th' annad a-nis? 'S e.

March 13, 2020



So is bùth acting as an adjective here thus needing the "single syllable" extension to appear as bùtha?


No (but good guess). bùtha is still a noun - it's the genitive singular form of bùth (the genitive case is not covered in this version of the tree) - bùth = a shop, bùtha = of a shop, so neach-bùtha = person of a shop/ shop person


Again, the "th" is missing an apostrophe, and the result is always an error message.. but the apostrophe is not provided among the buttons, That occurs rather often, I am realizing.


Agreed and it is annoying


Another one where I used the joint tile, got the whole sentence exactly right, and am told it's wrong. Could the joint tiles be removed if Duolingo isn't going to recognise them? I've reported that my answer should be right, but it's infuriating that I lose points when it's actually correct.

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