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Not getting emails?

I used to get emails from Duolingo about people posting on my stream, in discussions I follow, etc., but for a little while now, I haven't been getting any at all even though I know I should have (and I've even checked my spam folder). I haven't changed my notification settings to turn them off and when I check, all the settings are the same as I always had them. I unchecked all the boxes, saved, and then rechecked them to see if that would fix it, but I still haven't gotten any of the emails I should. I sent this to Duolingo with the Support form, but I'm afraid that whatever is happening to my notification emails might have also happened to their response. I don't really know what I did to make this happen (since it just randomly started happening and I didn't change any settings) or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated!

July 14, 2014



Does your Spam automatically delete after a bit of time?

And this one probably isn't likely: Did somebody change your email settings (not on Duo, on your email) so that it automatically deletes it when something containing the word Duolingo enters your inbox or spam?

If not...I don't know. But because you posted this, you'll have more of a chance of an Admin helping you after seeing it than if your email doesn't have Duolingo...

Sorry, and I've noticed this myself. For me, I've checked everything and it doesn't work. I have got no clue!


I think my spam folder is set to delete every 30 days and I don't think I've gone even a day without checking my email, so I would have seen any messages that were filtered there. My first thought after checking the settings here was to see if somehow Duolingo was added to the blocked email addresses or something like you suggested and I didn't find anything.

Thanks anyway for your suggestions! Hopefully someone will be able to help us both. :)


I know this is 4 years later, but I too have been not receiving emails on conversations I've followed. I tried resetting my notification settings (and saving the choices) and that hasn't helped. I've looked in my spam folder (thinking that was the cause) but there are NO emails from Duolingo anywhere. I just contacted Duolingo, so hopefully that will help.


Hi, would you mind telling me whether you could solve this problem which happened to me now too, unfortunately.
Thanks a lot!

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