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  5. "لُغة مُهِمّة"

"لُغة مُهِمّة"

Translation:an important language

March 13, 2020



Why does this sentence have 2 pronunciations? The first one sounded like "lugha muhimma" which was from the actual lesson The second one which is up above in the comment section that sound like "lughatun muhimma" What's with the confusion?


In Arabic, the letter " ة or ــة " is pronounced as a " t " with the respective ending (mini vowel) when in the middle of the sentence and has other words after it. It is pronounced as an " a " when it comes at the end of the sentence, or when you stop talking in the middle of a long sentence.

Therefore, this sentence should be pronounced "lughatun muhimma".

This course still needs development, so occasional mistakes are to be expected.


The further I move in the course the better it gets actually.. Plenty feedback to work with by now.


Hello!In Arabic you have something called "Tanween".So the "Tanween" are like small characters drawn to give a certain pronunciation to the word in Arabic.They are very important in the Arabic Grammar.So the thing is that the first pronunciation you mentioned is without "Tanween" and the second pronunciation is with "Tanween".Alongside "Tanween" there are little other characters used in the Arabic language.I'm gonna attach an image to see how do they work.I hope you understand! https://static.arageek.com/wp-content/uploads/ktb-arabic-3-letter-words.png


Is: "language is important" also a correct translation? If not, how would you say it?


Yes this is "لُغة مُهِمَة".

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