I finish Navajo section but it was too short.

Can you add more things plz. I basically learn nothing just a little bit.

Thank You

March 13, 2020


Yes, it is kind of short, but hey, I learned three Navajo directions!

Náhookǫs dóó shádiʼááh, haʼaʼaah dóó eʼeʼaah.

Just curious, which one did you not learn?!

Náhookǫs dóó shádiʼááh, dóó eʼeʼaah.

Sadly, in order to add content to the Navajo course, it has to be out of beta testing. As you probably noticed, there are several errors in the material that have to be corrected before that can happen.

Also, there would have to be contributors who could create new content...

The 3 current contributors are Rockstars! But they do not know the Navajo language. Until more contributors with a knowledge of Navajo sign on, I doubt anything will change with this course.

How are they even contributors if they don't even know Navajo?

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