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I want to learn French, I know Spanish

Hi! I am actually a Spanish native speaker and fit is kind of hard to translate sentences from French to English so I'd appreciate when you guys help me once in a while! I'd like to post as cool as others. ¬¬

August 5, 2012



ok what do you need help with? It is good that you want to learn french. Spanish and french have a lot of words that are similar! What do you want to learn about?


I need help on my translations. Yup, French is quite similar to Spanish, but when I translate paragraphs I have little problem with English syntax. So there is. THANKS!


Hola Pettatina. También estoy aprendiendo francés y hasta ahora no te tuve problemas para traducir las frases del inglés (salvo alguna que otra palabra "rara"). Puedes escribir en muro para consultarme (o si lo preferies, podemos chatear).


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