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Arabic typing

I started to practice typing in Arabic. I found it very difficult. It can't be helped, because it was the first time for me.

Are there any patterns of keyboard alignment of Arabic?

I found that many letters on the top row whose tails are toward the left have tendency to be allocated on the left-hand side of the keyboard, and vice versa. Am I correct!?

March 13, 2020



Hi! I'm Arabian:) My Arabic keyboard is a bit different from this in vowels (fat ha, damma, kasra) and punctuations.. Just wanted to notice you.


Thank you for the link! I will try practicing on that site!


If you like, you can find an Arabic keyboard that you can stick on your original keyboard (like stickers).

Also, you can use the on-screen keyboard, accessible from Windows accessories in the start panel, and you will see a virtual Keyboard.


Thanks for the tips! I have ordered a keyboard sticker at amazon.

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