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Levantine Arabic Courses? Letter Memorization?

Hi! I am learning Arabic on Duolingo, but I found out that it teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). I am really interested in learning Levantine Arabic. Any free course suggestions? Also, any ways to tell what dialect a certain language course is teaching?

Also, does anyone have a chart or diagram that would help me memorize the different forms of the Arabic letters? I understand ب as an isolated letter for example, but when I see ب in a word I have trouble recognizing it and end up spelling the word wrong.

Thanks for all of your help! Annieva2

March 13, 2020



I don't know if there is any course for the levantine Arabic, as the dialect and pronunciation differ from one place to the other. However, I believe the levantine Arabic is the closest to the MSA within the MENA region.

I would suggest learning the MSA then watching some syrian tv series to catch the dialect, and you can ask us here when don't understand something.

As for the letters, on this page there is a comprehensive table for Arabic letters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_alphabet


Thanks for your help!!


I found there a good looking keyboard layout and know I can type Arabic !



My pleasure ^__^


i have this book : "urban arabic" by rana al dirani & nada al dirani. it is made by saifi institute (beirut, lebanon), maybe they can send you a copy


There are Levantine Arabic courses on Memrise. Unfortunately they don't have any audio


There's an app for Lebanese arabic specifically called keefak.

If you have access to Mango Languages through your library their Levantine course is pretty long.

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