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How to teach when your school is closed

Hi fellow educators 👋
This is a stressful time for us all as we see changes happening fast in many of our communities, with many school closures due to Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Your TinyDynamicDuo volunteer *1 community is working hard to provide all of us educators with more resources at this critical time, including to communities where there are students who may not have access to internet resources.

Please keep an eye on this post : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37053604

Where we of the TinyDynamicDuo team are trying to create a reference post to act as a "clearing house" for resources we are creating, that could be useful for Educators to use in this situation, and as you are trying to find solutions to meet these needs of your students.

*1 : please note this is work being done by volunteers, not by Duolingo directly. Though it is based on the excellent work produced by Duolingo, and of course, after consultation with Duolingo. So, I hope (being myself, daKanga) that you continue to hold in great respect the permission Duolingo has given this small team to be allowed to create these additional resources.

Please also, share here other ideas on how to teach, when your school is closed, and all your students are confined to home.

Why consider Duolingo for Schools

Many Educators may be starting to look for new ways to be able to continue to support their students learning, as at this time, many schools around the world are "closing", with students being "quarantined" at home.

Duolingo for Schools may provide an answer for some of these educators.

Issues you, as an Educator may be seeking answers for:

Why Duolingo for schools ? : see:

Other articles about Duolingo for Schools, check out:

If you have other questions, please do ask them.

Also, others may wish to share other resources, including resources outside of what Duolingo can provide, that they are finding useful in this situation.

I intend to also post some of the resources I know about here, and invite others, including from the General Public, to share resources here, and also ask relevant questions about this issue.

March 14, 2020



Please continue to share other ideas and resources that may assist educators during this challenge.

Consider up voting appropriate comments. And for comments that are not helpful, or are totally off topic for this discussion, please consider down voting these.


Here is the plan I put together for my students. Due to issues of equity and access, these are merely seen as "Please keep up the skills you have acquired; we don't want any summer slide." There is no way that I can actually move the students forward during this trying time. I just want to make sure that they don't forget everything we have learned so far. Nothing is going to be graded, because we can't assure that every student has wi-fi access. The public libraries have also been closed.

  1. Keep up their Duolingo one time a day assignment

  2. I post a new Tinycards a day (search for MadameSensei or TinyDynamicDuo to use mine if you would like. I teach Spanish, French, and Japanese and have about 100 decks. I am loving Tinycards because they are allowing me to break the skills down into very small chunks.)

  3. Follow a link to some funny video that I choose

  4. Follow a link to one of my favorite songs

  5. Read a chapter from a book that I gave them

  6. Occassionally, I will post a story or a crossword puzzle or a sudoku (I do sudoku with kanji or katakana for my Japanese students)

  7. For students who are more advanced, do a Duolingo Story

I hope this helps someone so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel! Yesterday's preparation for the school closure was surprisingly stressful.


thanks deKanga! I'm glad I found this forum. It's somewhat difficult to find good resources in the discuss forum for new teachers using Duolingo Schools.

I work with a local language center in Chicago teaching Spanish to those who speak English. I'm curious to hear about your experience using Duolingo Schools and your journey from the beginning to where you are now.


Keep posting questions, phillytuesdays. We'll all help each other get through this.

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