"Sgian ghlan."

Translation:A clean knife.

March 14, 2020



A clean knife, ceart???? not being accepted????


Are you absolutely sure this wasn't a transcription "type what you hear" question?


Ghlan indicates sgian must be a f noun. In which case, have all those kilt outfitters been spelling the 'black knife' wrong, calling it a 'sgian dubh'? Shouldn't it be 'sgian dhubh'?


This is actually a rather curious part of GĂ idhlig where certain sounds will cancel out lenition. An "n" and a "d" are pronounced with the tongue at the same place. So that "d" will resist being lenited in some cases. You wouldn't really be wrong if you lenited, but also you wouldn't be wrong if you didn't.


I agree with MacLabhruinn. We got this wrong for exactly the same reason. You told us in the tips very early on not to worry about whether words being masculine or feminine, but just to pick it up. So we don't find an exercise in which we simply have to guess the gender of a word we haven't for ages very helpful. I'd much rather make a mistake than just guess wrongly from my memory.

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