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Latin graduated from beta

March 14, 2020



Great! Now we can get a lengthened course to keep learning Latin! Thanks again to the contributors.


Whoa, don't go too fast! Now a new tree can be started (when the contributors are ready to start it), but it will still be a while before a new tree begins testing, let alone is released to all users.


Hi! If and when a lengthened course will be released in the future, will new lessons appear in my tree? In other words, I don't have to click on a new course, right? Sorry if my question sounds dumb!


Yes, it will just be an updated tree, not a different course, and you'll get to it the same way as you do now.


Thank you for your quick response!


Yay!!! It's great that so many people want to learn Latin. Perhaps it's not a dead language after all!


Good deal! Congratulations to everyone who has made it a great course!


@slogger Six courses avec vingt niveau ou plus, félicitations. I feel happy for you, five courses upper than the level 20 and this amazing streak. My maximum was 245 days. Latin est une langue trés belle!


Whooohooo! Finally! :D

I was starting to feel sorry for the course and it's contributors. XD

Now I just need to get the whole tree golden before it is expanded (though I don't think that will necessarily be that soon).


@Zia177448 I also intend to get in the level 25 in french. Two courses with level 25 and one level 20 it's motivating. Congratulations!


Thanks and good luck! :)

I'm actually not too proud of my French level 25, since I'm not as far down my tree as I'd like to be. I took French for several years at school (and my reading comprehension is still pretty good), and am a bit frustrated by the duolingo course because it is fairly picky even in the English translations and because it has enough repetition to not feel challenging and enough expressions different from the ones I learned to be frustrating. Add Spanish messing with my French and the frustration is complete. A fair amount of those XP were earned with practice in order to not forget everything. :/


Does this mean that we'll now get a "tips" section for every topic?


There already is one for all the skills except three at the end, if you're on web.

The only practical difference between Phase 2 and Phase 3 is that you know the course has now been below the target report rate for a couple weeks with no relapses, and that the team can now start a new tree version without special help from staff. There's no difference in functionality.


So why aren't tips available on mobile then? Technical issues, underdeveloped? Just curious.


Technical issues, I believe. Some of the staff-maintained courses (Spanish<-English, French<-English, and a few others) have a different kind of "Tips" which is available on mobile, but those are different and we can't make them for all courses yet.


It's still loading with a "beta" flag when I sign in to do the course (3/15/20). Has the beta graduation not yet taken effect?


It usually takes a while for the "in Beta" tag to be removed after the course has graduated to Phase 3. It will happen eventually. :)


Great stuff! I have finished the course and even gone on to start reading Lingua Latina per se Illustrata because of how interesting I found the language, so I am hoping there will be further content at some point soon! Big thanks to the course contributors for a good and fun course!


@Silmarillion333 a lot of courses you practiced and a strike upper than 100 days. Omedetou! It's beautiful to see these many flags. Félicitations, c'est beau voir cette beaucoup des drapeaux.


This is great !


What does this mean?


Duolingo courses are developed in three phases. Phase 1 is when the course is built for the first time. When it's ready, it's released into Beta (Phase 2). Any new course has a lot of errors because the contributors are human (mostly missing accepted translations), so the course stays in Beta for a while. Once the report rate has been below a certain target for long enough, the course graduates into Phase 3, which means everyone can know the course has got the report rate down (indicating that there are far fewer missing translations) and that the contributor team can now begin work on a new tree version as soon as they're ready.


Wow! , I started learning Latin today and got really excited after seeing this, thankyou for everyone who made this possible!! :)


very good!!! Congratulations to all contributors

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