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"Fad an latha, a h-uile latha."

Translation:All day, every day.

March 14, 2020



Great phrase. Tha mi ag iarraidh na faclan seo air leine-t.


Smaller font (or bigger t-shirt) could go with: fad an latha, a-huile latha, latha o latha ...


Does fad mean all when used with any noun?

I ask because it looks similar to fada long. I then wondered if this literally meant along the day, similar in meaning to throughout the day, and then further wondered if that meant it could only be appropriate for nouns of time periods or of nouns that imply travel or duration (roads, paths, career etc.)

I could OF COURSE be entirely wrong. But all is quite an important word to learn and if we're only learning or now, my suspicious mind suspects complications!


It's closer to "the length of ..." which implies the full length and/or "all" of something. E.g. bha an cù a' tabhainnich fad na h-oidhche. I think I have heard fad am bliadhna on the BBC.


Thank you :-) I take it that means it can't be used for every noun? Like all the people or all the food?

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