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Podcasts - assign to classes?

Is it possible to assign podcasts to classes?

March 15, 2020



Currently, no, there is no way to assign either podcast or stories to students/classes in Duolingo schools.

However it could be done in the old fashioned way. But communicating to your students, by other means than just through Duolingo schools.

And requiring them to hand in proof of the work they have done.

Perhaps others could suggest ways of co-coordinating this ?


And of course, you could

  1. give them a worksheet to fill out.

  2. Or just ask the students to summarize.

  3. Or ask them to illustrate. That might be really good, because there are a lot of studies that show how the visual connection of drawing helps you learn. Tell the students that stick figures are OK.

  4. Have the students write a mini-script and then act it out.

Just some ideas... Let's compile a list here and then try them out.


I'll add Sra. Smith's idea about writing three new vocabulary words.

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