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"How did you celebrate your birthday?"

Translation:chay' qoSlIj Dalop?

March 16, 2020



What's the secret to figuring out whether the inquisitive(Is that the correct term? The "who, what, when, where, how" words) comes first or last for the Klingon translation? I always seem to get it backwards.


There are seven questions words in Klingon. 'Iv, nuq, nuqDaq, ghorgh, chay' qatlh, and 'ar

'Iv and nuq are actually question pronouns. They go in place of the noun. So if you are asking who or what did an action it goes in the subject position and if you are asking who or what receieved the action it goes in the object position. You can even use them with type 5 noun suffixes and as a "pronoun as the verb 'to be'". These two words can seem inconsistant since they do move around some, but if you ask yourself where the noun they are asking for would go in the answer, you can then replace that noun with your question word and you have the proper question. The rest are more straightforward and have just one place they can each go.

nuqDaq goes at the front of the sentence where the normal -Daq phrase would go, and is used in it's full nuqDaq form even with verbs that have an intrinsic locative concept and would not normally take -Daq as in nuqDaq Dab HoD?

ghorgh, chay', and qatlh also go at the front.

'ar follows the noun that you are asking about and a noun followed by 'ar never takes a plural suffix.

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