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Predictive text for Scottish Gaelic

I noticed Scottish Gaelic is not available yet as a predictive text on Gboard or Swiftkey.

Predictive text helps a lot on other Duolingo courses such as German.

Irish Gaelic is now available as a predictive text option however this is not a solution for Scottish Gaelic.

Any thoughts on this?

March 16, 2020



I have SwiftKey on my phone (android) and I have Scottish Gaelic on my "Your Languages" list. As I am typing I get Scottish Gaelic options as possible word choices. I'm not an IT expert though so I'm not sure what to tell you to try - maybe deleting and reloading SwiftKey?

Akerbeltz has a page that might help here:


It provides information on software tools for Gaelic.


That's great thank you!


I have predictive Gàidhlig on my Android. It even knows when Duolingo is expecting Gàidhlig or English input and switches between languages automatically. It is available via GooglePlay Store: https://download.cnet.com/Scottish-Gaelic-Keyboard/3000-20432_4-78273246.html


Wow that's great I must look at getting it.


It will be Duoling that knows the target language to be fair and tells Android to swap languages. Once installed, you can switch between languages manually (if you are not in Duolingo and are sending a text message perhaps) by pressing and holding the spacebar.


It would be great if predictive text wouldn't mess up my answers. IT would also be cool if the accents available were limited to those in the language I'm working on.
I'll have to look at this in iOS.

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