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"This is an American living room."

Translation:هٰذا صالون أَمْريكِيّ.

March 16, 2020



"This is" has two formats here: hadhaa and hadhihi Anyone explain how to select which one in a sentence like this?


In a nutshell, these two words belong to the demonstratives. All have the letter ذ pronounced "th like in the".

This - male singular = هذا hatha

This - female singular = هذه hathihi

These - two male persons = هذان hathan

These - two female persons = هاتان hatan

These - Plural above three (both male & female) = هؤلاء ha'oula'

There are others, and there is another group for far demonstratives (that, those).

In the lesson, the word صالون is masculine, although it is not an original Arabic word (it is frensh from Salon), and should have been written "هذه غرفة جلوس أمريكية".


Is غرفة الجلوس also called living room? Or we can use also صالون as living room. Not to judge.

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