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  5. "Five cherries"

"Five cherries"

Translation:Ashdla bįįh yildeeʼį́

March 16, 2020



Bįįh means deer, right?


Sure looks like it. Someone said in another thread that "bįįh yildeeʼį́" breaks down into "deer food".


My keyboard doesn't have Navajo letters and therefore won't accept my answer


If you are using an Android device you can go into keyboard settings and select the Navajo keyboard


I'm not ganna lie, some direction would be nice on here... this is my first time seeing the word bįįh, it certainly isn't in the lesson that doesn't exist, and it didn't show in the hover help. It is frustrating to want to learn this and not be given the tools to do it, I mean I guess free is free but yeah.


My keyboard does not have navajo letters either. So I cannot complete a lesson.


My keyboard is Diné/Eng and there is also a Google Diné/Bizaad keyboard. Neither one has the longer slash angled accent. Duo won't accept the only one there is, so I have to keep repeating forever! ???


There should be a provision for "typos" where it will accept our answers if we don't have the correct letters/accent marks such as in Portuguese, etc.


There should be a provision for "typos" being accepted for those of us that don't have correct keyboard, etc. just as there is in Portuguese. Thank you! :)


Duo, please fix this to allow for "typos" like in other languages -- otherwise we cannot progress due to not having correct letters

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