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  5. "Delhi is not a village."

"Delhi is not a village."

Translation:दिल्ली गाँव नहीं है।

March 16, 2020



I just can't hear how गाँव is pronounced


दिल्ली एक गांव नहीं है and दिल्ली गांव नहीं are not accepted?


दिल्ली एक गाँव नहीं है should have been accepted. You can report if you see the sentence again.

You can't remove the है in this sentence though. That can only be done if there is another verb in the sentence. Since है is the only verb here, it cannot be dropped.


If u wanna write ढिल्ली गांव नहीं U have to add एक and है to the above sentece (because its the wrong answer) Which will give u the correct answer has ढिल्ली एक गांव नहीं है।

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