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  5. "Tha tàirneanaich ann a-nis."

"Tha tàirneanaich ann a-nis."

Translation:There is thunder now.

March 16, 2020



The font colour of the new word makes it for me illegible


Tàrneanaich accepted not declared a typo


What does "ANN" mean? It says it means out like its raining out. But I keep getting it wrong. I'm very confused.


Basically, 'exists' So Tha Tàirneanaich ann - Is thunder existing - thunder exists/there is thunder. The ann you see in ann an (in) is a different word


So if I wanted to say; "there is thunder in Scotland." Would that be ;"Tha tàirneanaich ann ann an Alba"? It doesn't look quite right doubling up on 'ann' ;)


Native Gaelic idiom in weather situations such as this is 'there is thunder /rain etc' in it' now.


Can someone clarify when a-nis is used and an-drasta is? I thought from the tips that the litmus test was how temporary the situation was. So I'd expect thunder and frost to have an-drasta, such as: "Tha tàirneanaich ann an-drasta" instead of a-nis but....not what sentences are popping up.

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