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"this building"

Translation:هٰذِهِ الْبِناية

March 16, 2020



It should be 'This is the building'


Actually it can mean both.


I believe not, It should have been هذه هي البناية. Otherwise there is no خبر in the sentence.


Yes, you're right.


Soenix, Lisa171571, Sameer643882:

Some mufassirin explain that "dhalika al-kitaab" means "dhalika huwa al-kitab". (Al-Baqarah 2:2). So, "hadhihi al-binaya" can also mean: "hadhihi (hiya) al-binayah" [This is the building]. Please correct me if I am wrong as "Classic" and "Modern" are different a bit.

Nb: but, I believe that Classic is better than Modern :)


Yes, ذلك الكتاب can mean ذلك هو الكتاب. The problem is that ذلك الكتاب is ambiguous: it can mean "that book" or "that is the book". In order to make it less ambiguous, هو is added for "that is the book".



There are a lot of possibilities in Arabic, but nothing can be made sure in an incomplete sentence like the exercise above. so we are treating it as incomplete, this it is only "this building". While with ذلك الكتاب, there is a lot of completion after it, what makes it possible to have different meanings.


Soenix, Lisa:

Ok, thanks! :)

But, I believe that hadhihi al-binaaya is acceptable for this is the building. At least, I accept it for myself! :)



Thanks so much for your reply :D Glad to hear that.

Please see this also. Some mufassirin say about "dhalika al-kitaab" (Al-Baqarah 2:2):

وأمَّا "ذلك الكتاب" فيجوز في "ذلك" أن يكون مبتدأ ثانياً و"الكتابُ" خبرُه، ...


So, it implies that "hadhihi al-binaya" is structured by hadhihi as mubtada and al-binaya as khabar. Others say "dhalika al-kitaab" means "hadhaa dhalika al-kitaab".

Nb: Some experts tend to shorten their sentences, which indicates more eloquent. We may see these a lot, for example, at classical poems.


Lisa, Soenix:

Soenix, this explanation is based on some Arabic linguist. Some of your comments have made me doubt my understanding, ie. about Quran and Arabic (including رب at another lesson), so I should ask this matter to someone who mastered the Classical.

It is possible that:

هَذا الكتابُ : هَذا هُوَ الكتابُ (This is the book)


هَذه البنايةُ : هَذه هِيَ البنايةُ (This is the building)

Glad I was correct from the start, Soenix! الحمد لله

I guess strictly in هذه البناية for this building only is from MSA?


Hey, Duolingo has accepted Slangs and has implemented the hybrid language, why we don't accept Classical Arabic? :)


I would like to clarify that the word should be بناء instead of بناية. The word بناية is colloquial.


that too, thanks ^^


Is it wrong to write هٰذِهِ ٱَلْبِناية with a wasla? duo marked me a typo on this.


Duo marks every thing that is not the default answer as a typo , but you don't have to use Wasla anywhere

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