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Arabic Keyboard Windows

Hey, its me again :)

Just wondering if you guys had any suggestions for Arabic keyboards for Windows. My phone has an Arabic keyboard built in but I really want to practice typing on my computer.

Microsoft store? Downloadable keyboards? Or just a setting I need to turn on?

Your help is amazing and thank you!!

March 16, 2020



In the language options / settings in windows you can add whatever language you want and use it directly (no need to buy anything). From the language settings you can add the language and you will find many Arabic options based on country, they are all the same. What ever you choose you will find two options 101 and 102, and they differ only in where the letter ذ is positioned.

If your physical keyboard doesn't have arabic letters on it, you can order stickers online to put on your keyboard, you can buy an external keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard that comes with windows.


One more thing, how do you toggle between the keyboards? I want to practice on Arabic but I don't want my entire computer changing to the Arabic language since I am not nearly fluent yet.


you use alt+shift to change keyboards. you can also do it manually from a special button in the taskbar next to the hour/date and sound buttons.


I installed additional keyboards on Windows then I printed this layout https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_keyboard#/media/File:KB_Arabic.svg


Shukran! شوكرن لك I hope that is spelled right :)


it is actually شكراً لك ;)


Oh! Because the اً makes the an sound! Thanks


You can buy a keyboard with Arabic letters and then add from your device settings the input in Arabic


Any suggestions of specifics? Also, are there free ones? Thanks for the help.

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