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  5. "Tha aon bhàta agad."

"Tha aon bhàta agad."

Translation:You have one boat.

March 16, 2020



Anyone else have a blank hint when selecting "bhàta"? I figured it was just bàta lenited, but wanted to check, and was just shown a blank bubble.


Was just coming to comment this myself. Didn't take long to guess which it was, still a little annoying though


Why is "tha" "I" in one sentence and "you" in the next? I thought "Thu" was "you" I'm confused.


Tha is not "I", it is "is". "I" is "mi", and as you said, "you" is "thu".

However. When you talk about a possession, rather than saying my boat or your boat, in Gaelic it becomes "the boat that is at me" or "the boat that is at you". In this context "agam" is a contraction of "aig mi", which is "at me" and "agad" is a contraction of "aig thu" which is "at you".

So "I have one boat" has to be said as "One boat is at me" which is "Tha aon bhàta agam" and "you have one boat" has to be said as "One boat is at you" which is "Tha aon bhàta agad."

You'll never understand this if you don't read the hints and tips for each skill. If you're finding these hard to access because you're on a phone or something, the whole lot can be found on one page here. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Morag's answer is correct, but to add a point that wasn't addressed: "tha" = 'is' in both sentences. The 'I' and 'you' are contained in "agam" and "agad". The last letter of the word contains the difference. "-m" (mi) or "-d" (thu).

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