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  5. "You walk to the lararium."

"You walk to the lararium."

Translation:Ad lararium ambulatis.

March 16, 2020



Or ambulas, if we take "you" as singular?

Timor mortis conturbat me.


I enjoy how this one just wants us to type lararium as we see it on the screen. Sometimes it's nice to have a little break.


I used "in" instead of "ad". Can someone explain what is wrong with this?


in with an accusative is more 'into' (implies you go into a location) while ad with an accusative is 'to' (maybe up to the location, towards the location, but does not imply the exact location has yet been reached).


In a similar sentence, I was marked wrong for not putting in 'tu'. Here I get marked wrong for putting it in.


If you got marked wrong for not including tu, report the sentence if you get marked wrong again (assuming everything else is correct).

Did you Tu ad lararium ambulas or Tu ad lararium ambulatis? The ending must also match with the pronoun: tu with -as (singular you), vos with -atis (plural you).


So "Ad ambulatis lararium" is not acceptable?


I think that the object of the preposition should go next to it. In English we wouldn’t say, “To you walk, the lararium.” 2020-04-18

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