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  5. "Do you have two sisters?"

"Do you have two sisters?"

Translation:A bheil dà phiuthar agad?

March 16, 2020



Wouldn't the use of the plural form of sister "peathraichean" be a more accurate answer to this question? Earlier questions about brothers use the plural form of that word, "bhràthrean".


In Gaelic, plurals don't start until three. So two still takes the singular. As does twenty, for some reason.

It's explained in the tips and hints for the "Numbers" skill. If you can't easily access these notes because you're on a phone or something, the whole lot is collected on one page here. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Tapadh leat, a Mòrag. Glè chuideachail.


'S e do bheatha!


However the notes for this very section (Family) explain that strictly speaking, in counting people you should use “dithis” for 2, followed by the plural. In other words, in this case “dithis pheathraichean”. It seem bizarre that DL rejects it here. If it is considered outdated, why mention it in the notes?

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