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Duolingo Klingon course relation to KLCP test

I would like to know how extense are the vocabulary/grammar of the Duolingo Klingon and also compare it to the KLCP test levels. (if any comparison can be made).

March 16, 2020



Duolingo was created without KLCP in mind and does not align at all. I do hope that once we start making further additions to the course itself, we can start working on aligning the course a little better to KLCP. If you are interested in preparing for the KLCP, I would recommend using the online course from the Klingon Language Institute, as that was created with preparation for the KLCP in mind.


Can the KLCP only be taken in the US?


The simple answer is that one may also take the tests at the qepHom in Saarbrücken in November. Theoretically it can be given anywhere at anytime, but the proctor needs to be well known to the Klingon Language Institute and the test date needs to be planned ahead. Most of the time people take the test at either the KLI qep'a' or the Saarbrücken qepHom.


Thank you all for the help. I am learning Klingon since a few weeks and I cannot stop. It is so addictive. I am studing at least 2h each day. my plan is also to take the KLCP in Saarbrücken in November this year. I have set a study plan that consists of the following: - average 100 xp on duolingo each day (also using the method 5-4-3-2-1 crows) - at least 3 lessons from KLI KLCP Prep1 every week - Klingon Tinycards from Michael.Lubetsky (everyday as much as I can) I have also bought the TKD and TKW, KGT comes next month. I believe if I keep going this way I will have finished duolingo and the KLCP Preb by November.


If you will be taking KLCP I in November, you will only need TKD. None of the material from KGT and TKW are on the tests until you get to KLCP III. I don't know if you will be able to take multiple tests at the qepHom, but if you can and you do well on part I, you might as well try part II. Even if you don't pass it, it's good to know what to expect next time you try. You really shouldn't try part III until you have a decent grasp of KGT and TKW and I would suggest you focus on TKD for now.


Thanks for you advise. I would like to try part I and if possible part II too. I am trying to focus on that part I and TKD but am also getting the other materials for the future. I saw that some of them are not so easy to get in Germany (TKW). KLCP Prep1 gives me the focus for the tests but duolingo gives me also a great time and help with pronunciation.


There is a course on the KLI website - no audio, no bells and whistles -- designed specifically for students to pass KLCP Level 1. And to my knowledge no one who has completed that course has failed the test.

I wrote that course after seeing that students were failing the test because they didn't know how to study for it. There may be some information on that course that is slightly out of date, and the modules that imply you will get feedback from the instructor you won't, unless you specifically e-mail me and ask. It was going to be my spare time project and sustain me intellectually into retirement, but then I embarked on two new exciting endeavours and my original job became more intense, so there it is.

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