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So basically, I have 26 crowns and 226 lingots, which I think is a lot, thank you. Arabic is basically confusing mirrored words and sentences in different symbols to express languages in others. I find it a bit hard and annoying with the letters, because, let's say there is a letter called ليبيا, when it actually has a meaning called Libya! It's so annoying how Duolingo won't tell you what the meaning of the letters are. AND THE SIMPLE و MEANS AND!!! I think Duolingo should literally just update itself and put a little notice on the screen to tell you what it means. And that would solve my problem, thank you.

March 17, 2020


not in the order of your points

First off, This course is fairly new, I'm sure they're working hard on improving it ;)

0.5. It's not "Duolingo", the courses are made by contributors which are basically users who felt like volunteering.

  1. I agree, having the words translated could be useful, but you're learning the letters so it's best focus on that.

  2. it's actually وَ (wa), just making sure you don't say "uu" as "and" ;) I don't know why you mentioned that though.

  3. Could you tone down the... bragging? You did 7 skills so far, almost 5 lv.5, so it's very nice to see how dedicated you are.

GL! :D


There is no letter called ليبيا !! This is only a country! And the Arabic course still needs improvement, we should have a little patience.

The letters that have a distinct meaning are:

أ = هل = a question preposition for yes/no question

The letter بــِ is a preposition that means "in" or "using".

The letter تـَ has a meaning, but it is very advanced so don't bother.

The letter ر (ra or ri) is the singular imperative form of the verb رأى = see

The letter ســَ is the preposition used to make future tense.

The letter ع ('a or 'i) is the singular imperative form of the verb وعى = to understand sth.

The letter ف is a preposition that has more than one usage.

The letter ك is a preposition that gives the meaning of similarity (sth is like sth).

The letter لـِ is a preposition with the meaning "so that, for that ..".

And the last one that you already know " و " = and.

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