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Can I change the students' passwords?

Greetings all I am in the process of setting students up to use Duolingo for schools, and I would like if possible to change their passwords so they are easier to remember and use. The current passwords are fine if they are in class with a saved password, but not when we are sending stuff home. Any ideas/instrutions on how to do this? Thanks Miriam Stix (Urban Scholars' Community School, Bronx, NY)

March 17, 2020



Personally, I think student's should be given the privacy of having their own passwords(Assuming they are responsible for it). Give them a limit, like allowing them to create their own password, but if they lose it due to irresponsiblilty twice(The first might be they are curious, and changed the password, but after that they should have learned from the lesson), you create a password for them.


My advice, Miriam, is that there is no reason for you to be in charge of their personal passwords. Let them choose what they want. It is their individual account, after all.

But, let's say they choose something silly and now they have forgotten it. It is easy for you to click on their icon, and in the upper right will be a button for "manage student." You can click on that and then "re-set password." Choose something like "student" or whatever, and then e-mail your student and tell them, "Your password has been re-set to 'student.' Please change it at your earliest possible convenience."

Hope this helps!


In the event that they do need an emergency password change and they're unable to themselves, you can contact our Schools support and we'll assist.

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