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How can I grade my students?

I just started using Duolingo as a need for distance learning during this time. I find it useful for Spanish for non-speakers. However, I am looking for a place to get guidance and understand how the XP points system works and how is that compared to grading the students for my class.

Also, is there a way to test the students skills?

again, I find Dualingo applicable but I am lost.. need help to help my students during this difficult times. Thanks!!

March 17, 2020



erondon, you can give "assignments." Click on the left of your classroom, and there will be a button. You can choose XP or skills. You can choose the length of time, but the default is one week.

When time is up, you can

  1. click on the assignment to see who did it, and/or

  2. click on each student to see their activity, and/or

  3. wait for the weekly progress e-mail that Duo usually sends out.

I have to ask, though: Due to reasons of equity and access (I live in a rural community where not everyone has internet access, and the public libraries are now closed,,,), my school district has asked that I not grade anyone during this wacky time. How does your school district feel?

Please continue to ask questions and we will all help each other through this.


I myself don't use Duolingo to grade anything, I motivate students to find their "flow channel", i.e. where the exercises are challenging enough. To grade them on progress I would need to compare relative progress but that would defy the intrinsic motivation of simply improving oneself. Students should "test" themselves by getting as far down the list as possible, by doing it daily, by levelling up their skills. I too use Duolingo more now that I can't be in the same room as my pupils. I give them the 'assignment' to get 100xp weekly. How they do it is up to them. If they don't I'm going to ask annoying questions ;)

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