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My students can't see the assignments.

My student are doing random activities because they can see the assignments. I tried to do it and they are right we can't have access to the lessons. It says that the assignments are there,but they have not been assigned. :( It does not make sense.


March 17, 2020




To report a bug click here.

If you don't get a second answer within a week please contact [email protected]

During this time I would recommend contacting [email protected] first then submitting a bug report. In the email and bug report please be as specif as possible. If possible include screenshots. Thank you!


I think the assignments come to them via email.


Yes, jameliz is right; they will get an e-mail. You should e-mail them as well and tell them the assignment, just to make sure they see it.


Yes, these should appear in their inbox since we do not have in-app notifications for assignments.

If they aren't appearing for them, let me know here or contact the address mentioned in this thread and I'll investigate.

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