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"No quiero otros zapatos amarillos."

Translation:I do not want other yellow shoes.

May 2, 2013



I went with "I do not want any other yellow shoes." I try to only be non-literal when the literal translation sounds awful, and this was one of those times.


English needs to pair the shoes (and trousers, jeans, pants, panties, glasses, etc.) to count them. Some other languages don't. "This shoe" in some other language could translate to "this pair of shoes" in English. You can't always go with literal translation. Another yellow shoe is another pair of yellow shoes for English.


See rdohd's comments.


I do not want other yellow shoes...? What the hell kind of translation is that


And who the hell wants any yellow shoes at all?


Me! As a girl of course, you can find very fun yellow shoes lol


You know what they say, if the shoe fits, buy a pair in every color!


It's called ‘word-for-word’ translation.


Another possible definition for "otros" is "another". I put "I don't want another pair of yellow shoes," since it seemed like the closest to a sentence that actually could apply to the real world. Could anyone verify if this would actually be a possible translation?


I think "I do not want more (any other) yellow shoes." would sound better in English.


Or any more, but I went with the silly translation so as not to lose a heart!


I have learned that lesson well.


I think the translation is clunky because of the plurality. In English we would handle the plural as "I don't want another pair of yellow shoes."


"I don't want another pair of yellow shoes." works as a translation too.


maybe it's like "no quiero otros zapatos amarillos, sino estos zapatos amarillos." which if that makes any sense is something like "I don't want other yellow shoes, but (rather) these yellow shoes." unless it has to be "sino que quiero...". No clue. someone correct me please :D


The translation sounds awkward to me. I think most Americans would say, "I don't want any other yellow shoes."


The translation is bad English. "any other yellow shoes" or "more yellow shoes" would work, but not the sentence as is.


I agree with others that the provided translation is not something a native speaker would say.

However, it did accept "I don't want another pair of yellow shoes", so all is not lost!


I don't want the other yellow shoes.


That would be ‘No quiero los otros zapatos amarillos.’.


Are there any rules about using 'los otros' or 'cualquier otros' 'cualquier más otros? Also would spanish speakers say "a pair of shoes" and if so, how is it commonly said?


‘los otros | las otras’ means “the others”, and is used similarly.

Since this sentence is in the negative, the emphatic “I don't want ANY other yellow shoes.” would be ‘No quiero ningunos otros zapatos amarillos.’, using ‘ningunos’=“none” instead of ‘cualquier’.

‘cualquier más otros’ = “any more other” doesn't make sense in either language.

‘un par de zapatos’ = “a pair of shoes” is very common.


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