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  5. "Bards make journeys."

"Bards make journeys."

Translation:Vates itinera faciunt.

March 18, 2020



Why not iter faciunt instead of itinera?


iter -> journey

itinera -> journeys


Noted. Thank you!


iter going to itinera... that's quite a change!

I guess the root is "it", like the verb "He goes" ?

And to noun-ify it: singular like "the going" add "er"? But plural like "the goings" add "inera"? Wow.


It's more iter for the nominative, accusative, and vocative singular and then the rest of the cases are formed off the stem itiner-. These kinds of odd changes between some of the form I find is quite common in the third declension.

Based on Wiktionary (take with a grain of salt) it is related to it (maybe not directly), and the nominative/accusative/vocative vs other cases is a conflation of different stems.


Vates are more like seers, aren't they? They don't do music!


But they do speak in verses, being inspired by the presence of god. That's the nature of seer's "seeing": " The essence of revelation lies in the fact, that is is a direct speech of God to man".


Nice, phrase Duolingo!!

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