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Level change after using offline on the ios app??

I am at the beginning Adjectives 1 in the french stream. I finish the section offline (Hazzah) and get the notice that I need to go back online to download more.

Ok! When im back in a wifi spot open the app, only to find that i am back to the beginning of Adjectives 1! Where did all my work go? I dont really want to do the whole section over again!

May 2, 2013



I'm not sure but perhaps theirs a save button. Or their maybe to little data to save it, try going offline and online again in a wifi zone.


Moving this to the troubleshooting discussion. Our iOS dev is taking a look. Thanks!


Oh and it also does not count the time i spent either. on ios app it thinks i have done something everyday this week. After going online, I havent dont anything for three days.

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