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Lost the 836 day streak. Streak repair didn’t work after I subscribe for PLUS. Please, help.

Tired to searching solution in forums. So I write here.

There are thousands of stories like this. I didn't have time to study but there were lingots. And I just bought the freeze for about two weeks. And yesterday I forgot to do it. The streak was lost.

Today I connected "plus" in hopes of restoring the streak. But nothing happened.

The mobile app says that the streak recovery feature is "available" but cannot be clicked. The PC version also says "activated". It is written that everything happens automatically. But I still have one day instead of 836.

Here: https://duome.eu/I_am_actualy_cat says that I lost streak of 2020-03-15 (more than two days ago). But the letters on my email say otherwise that the freeze was spent yesterday and the new one was not purchased, so today I lost my streak. I say that I buy freeze every day until tomorrow and agree with my email.

I'm in desperate.Please help

March 18, 2020



Hi I_am_actualy_cat,

Staff doesn't monitor these forums, and the users that do can't restore your streak for you. My advice is to:

  • Report this as a bug using the form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  • And to contact Duolingo on Twitter (@duolingo) to have your streak restored. (This is by far the easiest way of getting this done; you're not likely to get an individual reply to your bug report, but staff is very generous with restoring streaks that are reported to them via social media.)


Thanks for fast response. Writes on twitter and support. Waiting for answer.


Your streak repair shows now:

It will take a day or so to show up again here.


Glad to see that worked out.


Me too! :) I always am and it is part of why I try to help (I try to consider what kind of help I would appreciate if I was asking).

You've been very good with your answers here (and mostly kind too). But it seems like you showed up out of nowhere just a couple weeks ago, yet knowing almost everything. Glad to have you here.


I think I started actively contributing to the forum late January/early February, so you're probably right about that. Glad to hear my contributions are appreciated.


Everything is fine now. A twitter account really helps. They writed me even after streak was restored just to make sure that everything is fine. I never in my life seen before so strong feedback. They really care Just like all of you. It is a great honor to be a part of your community. You make my day. Thank you a lot.


Probably it's a bug. Report it.


I can confirm that the "1 day" repaired streak is a bug.

We have seen it at least 2-3+ times in several threads.

The backend code is broken and it has been reported multiple times.

I am a bit surprised that staff is not actively working on a quick fix and you still have to run into the same issue.

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