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  5. "Tha a' chlann mì-mhodhail."

"Tha a' chlann mì-mhodhail."

Translation:The children are naughty.

March 18, 2020



Please allow kids as an alternative to children. I would never use the word children in real life!


I would. True story. A farmer friend who was unloading his pick-up truck with help from an employee at the dump, caused a bit of a fuss when he said, "I'll get that. I had to kill a couple of kids and their guts are in those bags".


Fair enough! I'm sure it's just because I'm Canadian but it's very unnatural for me to use children in a sentence.


I agree, please use kids. Maybe you could argue 'kids' is informal or slang, but it's so universal and ubiquitous that it's basically just a synonym for children and is used a lot more in my experience.

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