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"I do not like the computer at all."

Translation:Cha toil leam an coimpiutair idir.

March 18, 2020



Is toigh accepted as an alternative to toil ? It was offered in one of the wrong answers. I have not seen it before on Duolingo but it is historically correct.


See tips for Food and Drink:

"Toil vs. Toigh It is common to see toigh in place of toil.

Is toigh leam = Is toil leam We have opted to teach toil as it is more common. These are two very similar but distinct words, and neither is correct over the other."


I agree that they are both valid but I don't accept toigh in place of toil as toigh is at least as old as toil. It is a bit difficult to see what is going on from the dictionaries but both Dwelly and Mark mention this structure under toigh and only Mark has a cross-reference under toil. Toil is an old word but its principle meaning seems to be will, desire which is slightly different to the sense of is toil leam. My guess is that the similar sound and related meanings let to toil being used instead of toigh as a malapropism.

My original comment was because I was surprised to see toigh in a wrong answer, as if it is actively being taught as wrong, or alternatively as if it was an alternative that might well turn up in a correct answer, and I wasn't sure which. Even if people don't actively use it they will have to recognize it as it was the more common form until well into this century.

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