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Support tab not working + discussion posts dissapearing.

I posted a question regarding vocab in the discussion section at the bottom of French>Animals. It showed for a little while but has since disappeared entirely. I was going to ask Support about this, but the Support tab to the left of the page is no longer working (clicking it does nothing). I am wondering if this has anything to do with using Opera (a large number of sites seem to struggle with this browser), if so could this be fixed?

May 2, 2013



OK, I have found the Support box. For some reason it has migrated right to the bottom of the page and is partially hidden! Has anyone else had this problem in Opera?


I am experiencing a similar problem in Chrome. Clicking on the Support tab on the left side of the page does nothing at all. I've looked on the bottom of the page to see if there is a second text link to Support. Alas, I do not see it.

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