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Streak Freeze and/or Monthly Streak Repair didn't work

I upgraded to Duolingo Plus because I was going overseas and I thought being protected by Streak Repair would be good to have in case I forgot to buy a Streak Freeze and missed a day. Just to be safe, I also bought a Streak Freeze. Well, I did miss a day (March 14th) but an e-mail from Duolingo on March 15th assured me my Streak Freeze had saved the day. However, that very day my 64 days streak had disappeared and I was back to square one. How do I get my streak back? I'm so annoyed that I seem to have purchased Plus for nothing. Could the fact that I was travelling from the Middle East to the USA that day and criss-crossing many time zones have anything to do with it?

March 18, 2020



Update: Jean, please also see this comment first to see if it can help you, as the other person was helped: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37130123. Thank you, Thomas, for following this new streak repair issue bug. I hope it gets fixed soon. / / /

Hello Jean, the unofficial fan site, Duome, which uses public Duolingo data, is reporting that you had a streak repaired earlier this month, on March 8, in addition to the streak freeze on March 18. https://duome.eu/Jean438500

The way the Duome chart appears to me, in my time zone, I don't see any XP being credited for both March 14 and 18.

I do see that you have a 3-day streak showing here on this Discussion page, as well as that Duome page. It does sometimes take a day or so to update the data, so people who know they have a 100 day streak sometimes see it posted as 99 days here on a Discussion page.

I have seen notices on this Duome page (customized for other people) that used to offer a streak repair option, but I don't see that notice showing for you there right now.

Here is your progess page for your language, by the way. https://duome.eu/Jean438500.

If you have any Duome privacy concerns or want to learn more about the valuable Duome features, please see: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35958297. Let me know if you want me to erase your profile here in this reply.

Here is what someone else and I discussed before, regarding their streak loss: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36899471.

Jean, I hope you will keep learning here, as it seems to be the place to be online to learn Scottish Gaelic. How exciting that you were traveling so far away and going through so many time zones and airports. But I hope you are back home safe now. Thinking of you and sending my best wishes.


I can confirm that there is a new bug in the backend system when repairing a streak.

We discussed about the issue in 2-4 threads when it happened more than once (multiple users).

Report it here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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