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Immersion: Textbox stuck at top of paragraph

As it says in the title. When translating sentences in Immersion, the box that gives the current translation has a tendency to appear at the top of the paragraph, rather than on top of the sentence. For especially long paragraphs, this means I cannot select a sentence by hovering my mouse over it, and read the current translation at the same time.

I'm assuming this is a relatively minor bug, but it is kind of annoying now that I'm trying to work my way through the James Joyce Wikipedia article :) I'm running Firefox 20.0.1

May 2, 2013



We're working on getting this fixed :) Thank you!


Thank you. It wasn't my intention to state something blatantly obvious, but I didn't manage to find a similar post very quickly. I'll restrict myself to shorter texts for the moment then :) And I do want to let you know that, aside from this minor bug, I really enjoy the new immersion setup and the revamp of the learning system. It's a bit more challenging I find, but I do feel I learn more.

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