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At-home learning? anyone using Duo for their students?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you're having your students do a minimum number of points per day. I'm having my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes do at least 50 points per day. I follow them and watch their points daily. I also repost a reminder in Google classroom that they should get their 50 points done.

This is, of course, a supplement to other assignments they will get from me. (I haven't quite figured that out yet, though. We're only 2 days into this Distance Learning thing.)

March 19, 2020

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Hang in there, SenoraD72!

This is what I am doing:

  1. One time a day on Duolingo.

  2. One Tinycards of my choosing (feel free to use some from my Spanish deck https://tinycards.duolingo.com/collections/2RL6iBPb/espanol-1-con-madame-sensei. I also have French and Japanese for those of you teaching those languages. Let me know if you want me to post the URL.)

  3. Read a Duolingo story (for advanced users), or check out https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198 for more ideas of how to use Stories. And please add your own ideas! This is a group effort.

  4. Watch a silly video that I post

  5. Listen to one of my favorite songs

  6. Read a little bit of a book that I have given them or a story that I post for them.

I told my students, "This too, shall pass. And hopefully you, too, shall pass this course."

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