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  5. "The shark eats the fish."

"The shark eats the fish."

Translation:Lo squalo mangia il pesce.

May 2, 2013



Why is it "lo squalo" and not "il squalo" ?


Before s+consonant (esse impura) you need to use "lo" as masculine determinate article; before s+vowel you have to use "il".


Thank you! I guess this comes automatic with practice! Never really liked to learn these kind of rules :)


I know that "fish" in this instance is singular, but couldn't it be plural as well? That's what I typed, but it was wrong :(


Ciao renoble13: Do you mean in English? Yes, "fish" can be singular or plural. In Italian: "the fish" (plural) = i pesci (singular) = il pesce I'm not sure if that was what your were asking.


If you mean that you saw the sentence in english and translated it into "Lo squalo mangia i pesci", then I'd say that's correctly translated. Without any context, you can't be sure if it was talking about just one fish or more than one. So it should be accepted. Next time you come across it report it.


It seems that the program randomly recognizes certain typos and will mark your response correct but point out that you made a typo and for others it'll mark the response wrong because of a simple typo. I just got this wrong because i wrote "lo dqualo" by mistake instead of squalo.

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