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I don't want people to "Friend" me

How doI stop people making me a friend....this would seem to be a privacy issue....I don't want to be friend s with anyone and I don't want people to friend me either. How do I adjust the privacy settings

March 19, 2020



If you are on a PC:

Hover over your Profile picture > Settings > Privacy >

"You will see a couple of boxes you can tick/untick according to whatever you want."

Note: "Make my profile public":

_Allow others to find your profile and follow you. Allows you to follow others. Enrolls you in public leaderboards.


Brilliant - thank you! I like to just study in my own little bubble!!


Just turn off the make my profile public option here:


It will surely help :)


You can get rid of your existing followers by clicking on their profile. There you will find a little gear in the right corner, next to the name. This gear will offer you the option to block that person.


Thanks - yes I was already doing that but thought there might be way to just stop people following me!

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