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It would be nice if Duolingo allowed users to find friends from different countries that are native speakers. I speak pretty good Spanish because I have lived outside the US for a couple of years in the Caribbean. I learned most of my Spanish from having Latino friends and dating Latinas. Even in the US it is pretty easy to find Latinos to practice with.

I am now trying to learn Portuguese, but I have no Brazilian friends and I don´t plan on living in Brazil anytime soon.

Please develop a way to meet people that are native in a particular language so that we can practice with them!

May 2, 2013



We'd love to see community members connect and practice languages together. We'll be making it easier to safely do that. We just launched 'flair' which helps you see what level other members are at. Read more about it here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/371712 We're thinking about how to better connect this community of language learners.


Hey, I'm Brazilian. I can try to help you.

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