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When you make an Arabic 2.0 course, please add the following

First of all I want to say the Arabic course is great, but it has a few flaws like it is to short, so I'd like to propose some things to add. Make a skill for verbs in the present, past and future tense and when you do, let people learn the present tense first, because it will be easier for them to understand the past tense later on. And please expand the vocabulary, because after a lot of lessons I still don't know enough to hold a simple conversation. I'd like to learn new words that have more to do with daily life, just like they did in the German or Norwegian tree.

Hopefully you'll be able to make this true, ishallah.

March 19, 2020



Speaking from experience, I think learning past tense first is a better approach to learning Arabic.


I know that past tense is easier, but I think it is better to learn the hard part first. Just like they did on the Russian course (present tense has different endings for everything, but for past tense just three/four endings).


Thank you Naerica and Mehrshad! : )


Really?? why that?


Past tense looks simpler and the verbs are shorter. It's easier for a beginner to find the stem of the verb in the past tense. The present tense might look a little overwhelming to someone who just started Arabic.


-is a communist

-says insha'Allah

I'm confused pal. : )

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