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"Tha fìon dearg anns an Eadailt."

Translation:There is red wine in Italy.

March 19, 2020



Why is it not acceptable to translate this as 'The red wine is in Italy'?


It's because fìon dearg is indefinite and not definite. 'The red wine' is am fìon dearg.


But surely "Red wine is in Italy" should be acceptable? It seems that the sentence structure "Tha noun ann an place" can be translated as both "Noun is in the place" AND "There is/are nouns in the place," but often Duolingo will only accept one version for a given question, even if both versions kind of make sense. For instance, "Tha Seamus anns an Eadailt" would be "James is in Italy," not "There is James in Italy" (based off other questions). I understand that "There is red wine in Italy" maybe comes closer in English to the intended meaning in Gaelic and that direct translations are not always possible or make sense, but given the similarity in sentence structure to the other examples I think at least we shouldn't be marked wrong for giving the alternative translation. The "better" translation can still be given as a suggestion.

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