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  5. "Is it safe in Uist?"

"Is it safe in Uist?"

Translation:A bheil e sàbhailte ann an Uibhist?

March 19, 2020



Just typing the word "sàbhailte" in the fill-in-the-blank question with the news on in the background. Item about handling the coronavirus epidemic. Just as I typed the word the interviewee on-screen said "sàbhailte". They were in Ullapool though, not Uist.


Why is "i" wrong? I don't understand


Still not clear to me! How do we know whether to use "i" or "e" if we don't know what the "it" is? Using "e" means Is he safe in Uist. Using "i" means Is she safe in Uist. Can "it" be either "i" or "e"?
Why was "i" marked wrong?

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